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See what the parents of my current students have to say! 

We are loving The Preschool Spot! It was exactly what I was looking for in a preschool for my daughter. Ms. Michelle is amazing! I can tell she genuinely loves teaching and the kids love her. I love the curriculum that she uses, the take home books for reading are awesome! My daughter has learned lots of sight words and has even started reading beginner books! I am confident she is ready for Kindergarten next year. Ms. Michelle's classroom is neat, organized and is very bright and inviting. My daughter looks forward to preschool days and has fallen in love with learning and school.

– Holly 

"I just love The Preschool Spot and Ms. Michelle.  I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a preschool. I have watched my child learn and improve so much.  I have been amazed to watch him start to recognize letters and on to sight words and suddenly use math skills that I didn't;t know he could do at his age.  Also, he is always singing the super fun, and cute songs he has learned to help him with days of the week and about different seasonal things.  I just about died laughing when he started doing the macarena to his months of the year song.  Ms. Michelle has brought out a whole new, wonderful side in my son and taught him so much!  The Preschool Spot really is "Spot" on for preschool! " – Janette

Olive had her kindergarten evaluation today.  She passed with flying colors.  I would love to think that it was simply because I am an amazing mother, but I am sure that Ms. Michelle played a big role in that.  So thanks! She was so dissapointed when I told her kindergarten was not at your house!


"Mary Poppins of preschool teachers. We Love Ms, Michelle!  Her cheery disposition, rosy cheeks and no warts! 🙂 She is kind, witty, sweet and pretty.  From outings, treats, and many, many songs she really is a choice teacher.

My daughter loves to go to preschool and comes home so happy and excited to share the many things she has leaned.  I am amazed at the amount of academics she fits in to such a fun and short time that they have together.  My daughter sings songs about letters and numbers, counts everything, and constantly tries to decipher words because she recognizes the letters.  She writes the cutest little notes with the sight words she is learning.  We love to sit down together to read the books she brings home. I am really amazed at how many words she can read and/or decipher on her own." – Julie

My daughter loved the preschoolspot and Ms Michelle! Everyday she would wake up and ask if she had preschool today. She felt very comfortable and was never scared to leave me. She also learned a lot.  I could see such a difference in her learning from the start of the year to the end. I was amazed at some of the things she learned. I would recommend the preschoolspot and I'm sending my daughter to Ms. Michelle next year and my daughter can't wait!  – Kristina

"We have been thrilled with The Preschool Spot! Ms. Michelle has been a wonderful teacher for our daughter! This was her first year in school away from home, and every day our daughter would light up when we said it was time for school.  We have seen so much growth as she has learned her numbers, alphabet, spelling her name and so much more!  My favorite thing is all the songs and rhymes that she sings when she comes home.  This is such an impressionable age, where they absorb so much, and I highly recommend The Preschool Spot for your son or daughter." – Valerie

"Ms. Michelle provides an amazing experience for these young kids to learn and grow.  She is so kind and loving. They feel safe and comfortable there and really seem to flourish.  I am so pleased that we found The Preschool Spot and am very much looking forward to sending another daughter there next year.  She is so excited to have the same experience she hears her big sister talk about."