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Policy Packet

Preschool Policy Packet

I am so excited to have you join our Preschool! To help make your child’s transition to preschool as smooth as possible, please read through this packet. Parents are required to follow all policies as outlined.

Fees and Payment

A $60 registration/supply fee will be due at time of enrollment in order to reserve a spot for your child. This is non-refundable.  It also includes a tote bag with our Logo.  This is for your child to use in place of a backpack.  It is much easier for children this age to get papers in and out.  No zipper to mess with and the perfect size for papers! 

Tuition is due by the 1st  of each month*. After that it is consdered late.   $5 late fee each day will occur on the 2nd,  unless you have made other arrangments with me.   Tuition can be paid through PayPal, Venmo, cash or checks.   You will be assessed a $30 fee for all checks returned for insufficient funds. Please make checks payable to The Preschool Spot. * The first month tuition (Septembers) will be due August 20th.  This is my insurance that your child will actually be attending and will not drop out a week or days before the first day of Preschool leaving me limited time to fill the spot from my waiting list. 

Preschool tuition is the same amount each month regardless of the number of days school is held that month.  Tuition was calculated on the number of days preschool is held for the year and divided by the 9 months school is in session.  .

 Venmo payments must be sent to @Michelle-Stratton-2
 PayPal payments must be made to michelle@thepreschoolspot, and you must select that you are sending it to a friend, not as goods/services, so that we avoid any fees.

Pick Up/Drop Off

The Preschool Spot is located at 311 North 950 East in American Fork. Students will enter by walking down the north side of the house and down the stair well that leads to the basement. For the first month, students should be escorted by a guardian to the classroom. As the child feels comfortable, they may be dropped off at the curb and enter independently. Please watch to make sure they make it to the stairs.

Please do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes before class begins. Doors will remain locked until this time.

It is perfectly normal for your child to have separation anxiety. Try to make your good bye quick. The longer it takes, the harder it is! Give them a quick hug and a reassuring smile and be on your way. Soon they will get involved in the learning fun and forget about their worries.

When picking up your child. Park along the curb and wait for us to come out. Once we are in the driveway, you may come get your child. I understand that sometimes unexpected things happen that may delay you. Please call and notify me if you know that you will be late. Once you have more than 2 occurrences of being more than 10 minutes late, a $5 fee will be assessed.

When picking up and dropping, off please be courteous to the neighbors and do not block their drive ways. You may park in front of our driveway but not in the driveway. Reversing is too dangerous with so many people walking to and from the house.

Yearly Calendar

The Preschool Spot will start  September 4th, 2018 and end May 17, 2019.

We will follow the Alpine School District Calendar. When school is out, then we will be too!  *There are a few additional days that we will not hold preschool because I will be out of town.  

October 18,19,22 – Fall Break
November 21.22,23 – Thanksgiving Break
December 20-January 2 – Christmas Break
January 21 – Martin Luther King Day

February  15,18th – Presidents Day
March 4 – Professional Development Day ( Alpine school district) 
April 1-5 – Spring Break

*At this point 2 teacher personal days are listed, but there may be 1 more taken before the end of school.


I strongly encourage regular attendance and punctuality. For your child to have the best learning experience, consistent attendance is necessary. Tuition fees will remain the same whether your child is in attendance or not. Tardiness is sometimes unavoidable; however, I ask that you make every effort to be on time so that class is not disrupted.

Please notify me when your child will be gone because of vacation or illness. A quick text or e-mail lets me know not to be concerned.

Sick Child Policy

Under no circumstances should you send your child to school if they are running a fever; have thrown up or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours; have a skin rash, eye discharge, runny nose, cough, or sore throat. If a child exhibits any of these symptoms, the parent/guardian on file will be contacted to come pick the child up.

Sick Teacher Policy

If I become sick and am unable to teach the class or find a substitute.    I will cancel class that day.  ( this has never happened in my history of teaching.)   Two sick days are allowed before class tuition will be refunded for that missed day.   

Potty Policy

All children need to be potty trained in order to enroll in a class. We understand accidents do happen. If this occurs, we will contact you to come clean up your child and the mess. Please work with your child at being self-sufficient when using the bathroom.  Pull ups are acceptable as a safety precaution, but will not be changed at preschool. 

Daily Schedule

In preschool there must be flexibility, so our daily schedule will change some from day-to-day. This is a basic outline of the things we will do on any given day. The 3’s and 4’s will vary slightly because of the difference in their attention span.

Sign In/ Fine Motor Skills Activities – Children write their name and then practice fine motor skills through hands on activities.
Circle Time – We will gather as a class to do calendar and weather. We will sing songs to teach the days of the week and months of the year. We will select the leader of the day and do our morning message. This is when we focus on literacy concepts. We will also focus on letters and sounds through music and other activities
Learning Centers – Children will get to choose between the ABC Center, Math Center, Science Center, Writing Center, Art Center, Block Center, and Play dough center. Here they will explore a variety of hands-on activities that teach them skills in a variety of areas.
Snack Time – 10 minutes to enjoy a little snack
Free Play – Children socialize and play with toys.
Basic Skills- colors, shapes

Snack Time

A snack bucket will be sent home with your child when it is your turn to bring the snack – about every two months. Please let me know if your child has any allergies that I should be aware of.


Three times a year, an individual assessment will be sent home. This will keep you up-to-date on the progress your child is making and in which areas they may need extra help.


We will spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year discussing rules and routines. I will do a lot of modeling and role play. I want the children to learn to make their own choices and learn the good feelings that come with choosing to do what is right. I believe children should be responsible for the choices they make. Should there be any consistent behavior problems, I will meet with the child and the parent to form a plan to solve the problem.


We will celebrate each child’s birthday in class near their actual birthday. Summer birthdays will be celebrated on their half-birthday. Children love to be the center of attention, so a parent/guardian will be invited to spotlight their child. More information about this will be sent home 2 days before their special day!


During the first week of school we will have a donation board where you can pick an item to donate to our classroom. Donations are not required but are always welcome! Any time during the year, you may donate any of the following items: paper towels, glue sticks, dry erase markers, hand soap, clorox wipes.


If for any reason you need to withdraw your child from preschool, a  2 week notice is required, after which pro-rated tuition can be calculated.