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Literacy Concepts

  • letter recognition/sounds
  • phonological awareness ( syllables, rhyming, concepts of print) 
  • sight words

Math Concepts

  • numbers and counting
  • shapes
  • sorting
  • patterns
  • one-to-one
  • subsitizing


  • fine motor skills*
  • pre-writing skills
  • writer's workshop
  • bookmaking

* I feel strongly that this is a skill that is overlooked. At the beginning of each school year, we emphasize activities that help develop fine motor skills. Through many fun, hands-on activities, the children will develop these skills. This will help writing to come more easily.


Each month we have a science theme.  We do weekly experiments as a class to learn more on each topic.  Water, sink/float, 5 senses, Air, Magnetic properties, plants, animals and habitats. 


Art is a great way to develop fine motor skills,  We do many projects that allow children to use scissors,  glue, color, and paint. We also use Art to emphasize the letters we are focusing on. 


We spend 5-10 minutes a day singing.  Music is a great way to help children learn different concepts.

We also spend 5- 10 minutes a day following  a musical program that teaches children how to write letters and the sound they make.  We also have a musical program that helps us identifly numbers 0-30 and shapes!  We also practice learning our color and how to spell color words through music.   Many of the Nursery Rymes we learn are also put to music as we practice them.  

 Part of our day will be spent letting the children explore different learning centers, such as:

ABC center
Math center
Play dough center
Writing center
Puzzle/ Block center