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About Michelle

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University

I have teaching experience in three different schools and in two different states where I taught first grade

I am a mother of 6 children ages 17 to 7

I have lived in American Fork for 13 years, and my family has loved it!

I have worked with children ages 3-12 in my church for 18 years

I love children and I love helping them learn!


My love for children and for teaching started when I was in high school and started teaching preschool-age children through the high school preschool. I quickly knew that I wanted to become a teacher. Between high school years, I held a summer preschool in my parents’ home. Once I graduated from high school, I went to Brigham Young University and received a degree in elementary education. After graduating, I had the privilege of teaching first grade iin Utah for two years and in Michigan for one year. Once we started our family, I became a stay-at-home mom. I now have 6 children; my youngest being preschool age. I have always had a dream to start my own preschool in my home and now that dream has come true!

I love being a teacher because I enjoy getting kids excited about learning. I want to make it fun for them. Children have so much enthusiasm when it comes to learning new things, and I want to be sure that they stay excited when it came to learning things at school. I plan on letting kids be kids while still providing them learning opportunities through play. While we will have a set routine, everyday will be full of activities different from the day before to keep the kids excited about what will come next. My classroom will have many different learning centers that help build reading, math, science, and art skills. Music will be a big part of our days as I believe that learning through music is very powerful! We will have daily literacy based lessons and weekly themes to focus on. You will not see many worksheets, however, I will be sending out quarterly assessments on your child's development. Overall, wwill have a lot of fun!